Determine System configuration information of Windows box remotely

I always wanted to gather information such as CPU / RAM / OS Version / Installed OS patches / System Uptime / Installation date and other such details that are required for inventory purpose for Wintel boxes.

Systeminfo is a command line tool enables an administrator to query for basic system configuration information. Below is the parameter list of the command:

1. /S system: Specifies the remote system to connect to.

2. /U [domain\]user: Specifies the user context under which the command should execute.

3. /P [password]: Specifies the password for the given user context. Prompts for input if omitted.

4. /FO format: Specifies the format in which the output is to be displayed. Valid values: "TABLE", "LIST", "CSV".

5. /NH: Specifies that the "Column Header" should not be displayed in the output. Valid only for "TABLE" and "CSV" formats.

6. /?: Displays this help/usage.

This would help a lot in filling your h/w inventory sheets.

————— End of Document ———————–

Tags: Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003

Published Date: 20070822


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