How to convert SID to username and username to SID

PsGetSid makes reading a computer’s SID easy, and works across the network so that you can query SIDs remotely. PsGetSid also lets you see the SIDs of user accounts and translate a SID into the name that represents it.

Usage: psgetsid [\\computer[,computer[,…] | @file] [-u username [-p password]]] [account|SID]

If you want to see a computer’s SID just pass the computer’s name as a command-line argument. If you want to see a user’s SID, name the account (e.g. "administrator") on the command-line and an optional computer name.

Specify a user name if the account you are running from doesn’t have administrative privileges on the computer you want to query. If you don’t specify a password as an option PsGetSid will prompt you for one so that you can type it in without having it echoed to the display.

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Tags: Active Directory, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003

Published Date: 20070905


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