How to get detailed hardware information of HP / Compaq server

HP / compaq servers generally have the survey / hpdiags utility installed in %system drive%\hp\hpdiags folder. This utility generates a detailed system information file and can be very useful for many diagnostic and inventory purposes.

1. Run the hpdiags.exe utility and it would generate a survey%Date%%Time%.xml file. (This survey file can be quite cryptic and I generally use the following commands to make it a readable html file.)

2. Copy the surveyxxxx.xml file and survey.xsl file to your computer.

3. Download msxsl.exe from

4. Run the command msxsl.exe <input_file.xml> survey.xsl -o <outpul_file.html>at the command prompt. Give fully qualified path names wherever necessary.

————– End of Document —————–

Tags: Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003

Published Date: 20070905


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