Important and basic Windbg commands

!analyze –v :analyzes the dump file and provides a best possible diagnosis of the same

!sympath :shows path to your symbol files

lm :lists all loaded modules in memory

lmf :list loaded modules with full path

lmt :list loaded modules with last modified timestamp

!lmi <module name> :Shows header information about the module, including the date and time, which can often tell you whether you’re running an older version of a program and need to upgrade

vertarget :Shows information about the system on which you are debugging

!peb :Shows the PEB (process environment block) including DLL information

.trap :Dump a trap frame

.chain :Lists all loaded debugger extensions

————– End of Document —————–

Tags: Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003

Published Date: 20071109


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