How to add new Website in IIS5.1 on Windows XP

If IIS is running in Windows XP, it does not give you an option to add a new Website in the Internet Services Manager mmc console. However you can add a new website using a vbscript that comes with IIS. However do remember that only ONE website can run at a time in IIS running on Windows XP. To add a new website  follow the below instructions.

  1. Open Internet Services manager and stop the Default Web Site
  2. Open a command prompt windows and navigate to the folder ‘c:\Inetpub\AdminScripts’
  3. Type “adsutil.vbs enum w3svc /p" to get a list of websites created. Basically only the Default Website is listed (W3SVC/1)
  4. Type “adsutil.vbs create W3SVC/2” (the last number can be anything; it is the index of the new website)
  5. Type “adsutil.vbs copy W3SVC/1 W3SVC/2” to copy the whole directory structure and settings to the new website
  6. Go to the Internet Service manager and and rename this new website, give it a new root folder and set it up however you like
  7. To delete an existing website type “adsutil.vbs delete W3SVC/2” (Remember DELETING A WEBSITE IS IRREVERSIBLE so please be extremely careful)


——————–End of Document —————-

Tags: IIS, Windows XP

Published Date: 20080606


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